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Welcome to Hummelmora!

The village of Hummelmora is mentioned in historical registers as far back as the 16th Century, although the history of the Community almost certainly dates even further back in time. Throughout history generations of archipelago farmers have tended the land, harvested the sea and managed the forest.


Stockholm, northern archipelago, Ljusterö and Hummelmora

In the map of Hummelmora the cottages are marked

The blue arrow points at the Gardener's Cottage

The red arrow point at the Farm Cottage

Cliffs and Bathing

The sandy beach at Båtudden is best reached by following the road through the village and then taking the walking path to the left. The distance is around 300 metres.

There are also excellent bathing possibilities at Grönsholmen (take the road to the right outside of the house). This area represents a beautiful piece of untouched archipelago environment in which it is exhilarating to walk and picnic. The mountain tops offer a fine view over the islands and skerries.

Shops and Places to Eat

The grocery shop (Tempo) and Post office are to be found at Ljusterö Torg at the road junction just after the ferry terminal. At Linanäs on the main road some two kilometres after the exit to Hummelmora, wou will find a pizzeria, a bakery, a café and restaurant by the seaside.

The nearest Kiosk (a small shop selling newspapers, tobacco products, confectionary etc) is to be found in Lillström some few hundred metres after the exit to Hummelmora.


The Vaxholm boats ( traffic the jetty at Hummelmora, which is located on the peninsula outside of the bay with two return trips to and from Stockholm every day during the Summer. Another Boat Line stops at Linanäs on the other side of the island. Traffic information can be obtained by calling telephone number 08-679 5830.

Busses make return trips to Stockholm via Åkersberga. The nearest bus stop is by the Main Road about one kilometres walk from Hummelmora. Traffic information ( for busses can be obtained by calling telephone number 08-600 10 00.