Rent a cottage in Ljusterö. By the week – Spring, Summer and Autumn

The Farm Cottage was built in 1919 and was the home of the family which tended Hummelmora Gård ( The Hummelmora Farm ) until the end of the 1940s.

The cottage has been fully renovated. The kitchen is now furnished with new cupboards and kitchen equipment, wood-burning stoves which spread a harmonious warmth, an electric stove as well as a refrigerator and freezer. The newly renovated bathroom contains a shower cabin, a wash basin and a modern dry toilet. The bathroom has a heated tiled floor.

Upstairs you will find two bedrooms. The large bedroom has two wide beds. The smaller bedroom has one ordinary bed and one bunk bed.

Kitchen with dining facilities

Wash basin, electric stove and wood-burning stove

Wash basin, shower and dry toilet

The Large Bedroom with double bed

The Little Bedroom